No DescriptionTake a look at our student's talent and enthusiasm for Karate.
"A picture is better than a thousand words" really applies here.

We appreciate our student's hard work and creativity and we hope you will too.  Please zoom in with the magnifying glass at the top of the page. Notice that some of the objects in our drawings are the ceiling fans and other facility specific items,
 like the belt colors above our studio mirrors.  Thank you for taking the time to see our student's artistic talent.

Art Gallery 116 drawings from our students. These drawings were illustrations that were included with the student's belt test report. Enjoy!
Art Gallery 219 more drawings created by our students. These drawings were either gifts to the staff or were included with student reports. Enjoy!
Art Gallery 310 more drawings that must be shared! These were drawn with student reports. Notice the great detail, we did and we are very proud!
Art Gallery 48 drawings that were created to go with student reports. These are very colorful and some have great detail. This art is another great expression of our student's love for Karate.
Art Gallery 512 pieces of student's art including a craft suggestion from one of our students who came to our Summer Karate Camp. Another pictured himself practicing Karate on vacation! Please zoom in to see details.
Art Gallery 69 wonderful drawings including the history of Karate and even some self-portraits!
Art Gallery 77 more wonderful pieces of art showing our students loving and practicing Karate.

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Thank You Pittsburgh for voting us Silver Best Martial Arts School!
Henry is one of our Black Belts & a Heart Surgery Champion Survivor!
Our Black Belt: Mr. Williams heads the Karate Fit Program For the Children's Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation!
Sensei Teaching Special Needs Children at Friendship Circle
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